How to Give a Host Gift

Your host loves to entertain, so give a gift that reflects this hobby – like a basket filled with everything they need for a delicious cheese board. A heartfelt note and a few pieces of basket décor will help make this gift unique and special for your host. Here are a few easy tips to giving the perfect cheese basket that will ensure you are invited back year after year.

Add a beverage

A bottle of wine makes a great addition to a gift basket. For example, many wines are an affordable luxury and a perfect cheese pairing, or choose something your host may not have tried yet, like a tall bottle of locally produced craft cider or beer.

Create homemade pairings

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make a great-tasting host gift. Whether you’re known for your homemade toffee or peanut brittle, or this is your first time sharing your homemade goods, your host will appreciate the time and effort put into creating something special.

Marinated olives or homemade jams taste great with cheese and wine. They’re both easy to make and require little time to create a beautiful presentation.

Include gourmet gifts

If you want to splurge on your host this year, consider using a decorative ice bucket as the gift basket. The bucket makes a beautiful carrier and can be used long afterward. Add an additional bottle of wine and a pair of cheese knives to finish the basket with some flair.

Extravagant Host Gift (Over $75)

Decorative ice bucket: $30 - optional

White linen napkins: $10

Castello Traditional Blue: $7

Castello Aged Havarti: $7

Castello Creamy Havarti: $7

1 bottle of Chardonnay: $15

1 bottle of Cabernet: $17

Pair of cheese knives: $20

TOTAL: $83-113


For a lower cost gift, choose just a couple of the host’s favorite cheeses and one delicious pairing. Adding a bottle of craft cider or Pellegrino feels luxurious, without the price tag of a bottle of wine or champagne.

Thrifty Host Gift (About $25)

Vintage Basket: $2

1-3 types of Castello Cheeses –

Traditional Blue: $7

Aged Havarti: $7

Creamy Havarti: $7

Craft Cider: $8

Fig jam: $2

Homemade marinated olives: $3

Artisan crackers: $4

TOTAL: $26-40

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