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If you're planning a dinner party, try these creative tips to ensure your canapés are a hit!

Packed with flavor, these bite-sized wonders are a great way to get the party started. And as fun as they are to eat, they are equally fun to make - explore different tastes and textures to make your very own signature canapés. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Think of a theme to inspire your canapé menu - try occasions like Thanksgiving or regional flavors such as Italian. 

2. Think no bigger than bite-sized morsels for easy eating.

3. Although bites are small, pack them with flavor using spices, sauces and garnishes. 

4. Combine flavors - sweet, salty, bitter, savory and sour - for an umami taste sensation. 

5. Change textures for a surprising crunch with toast or firm vegetables.

6. Add an element of surprise by hiding unique flavors within your artistic canapé creations.

7. Limit and balance the adornments for a mess-free, perfect bite every time.

8. Arrange the canapés on a beautiful platter or tablescape.

9. Use colors and props while you serve such as glazes, creams, herbs or edible flowers.