Award-Winning Cheese Board

Ingredients for 6 servings

Castello Havarti

Castello Blue Cheese





Kalamata olives


Award-Winning Cheese Board


The Stage

First you need to set the stage. Display your cheese on a natural wood, slate or marble platter.

Leading Ladies

The Cheese! For your cheese board, choose cheeses with a variety of flavors and textures. Have at least two different kinds of cheeses. From a Danish blue cheese to Creamy Havarti Dill, it’s nice to offer a selection for your guests. Havarti is known for its subtle yellow color and very small irregular openings. This palate-pleasing cheese offers a mild, buttery taste and smooth, creamy texture. Blue Cheese comes in a variety of flavors and strengths, from tangy and sharp flavor to sweet floral notes or a nutty aroma.

The Supporting Roles

Choose rustic bread or crackers to pair with your cheeses.

The Cast

Be sure to offer plenty of choices to accompany your cheese and crackers. Some popular ideas are nuts {almonds, pecan halves, mixed nuts}, grapes, apples, pears and olives.

The Crew

Have a separate knife for each cheese. Cheese knife sets are fun to have, especially when you are serving several different cheeses. For instance, a wide blade knife is good for soft crumbly cheeses, and a narrow blade knife is perfect for semi-firm cheeses.

The Scenery

If you want to get fancy, add cheese markers, decorative small bowls for nuts and olives as well as fresh herbs for a pretty garnish. Fresh rosemary is always a favorite.


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