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Castello Danish Blue Dip with Beet Chips

Castello Danish Blue Dip with Beet Chips

Cook 15 min 4 servings

A dip that packs a punch – our recipe for blue cheese dip is bound to pique some interest. With intensely flavored blue cheese, lemony freshness, creamy crème fraiche and spicy cayenne pepper, the flavor explosion in this dip can't be beat. Scoop the dip with some crunchy beet chips, and there you have it: a simple appetizer that is filled with incredible flavor.

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1. Mash Castello® Danablu with a fork and stir in with crème fraiche and olive oil.

2. Season with lemon zest, honey, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper.

3. Sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on top of the dip for an extra kick and serve with beet chips or blue corn tortilla chips.