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Creating the perfect tapas night doesn’t take much, but it’s still important to make sure the details are looked after. Transporting your friends and family to the salty sea spray and green valleys of the Mediterranean coast, is easy with these delectable tips for your tapas menu.

Scintillating ways to make Tapas Night sensational

Made for sharing, tapas is normally several small plates of food that are no bigger than a snack or appetizer. Tapas dishes can be cold as well as hot but the most important thing is to include delectable sides of salty olives or capers, rustic bread, and a selection of cheeses and vegetables. Ensure your tapas night is as authentic as possible by having dishes that are readily bite-sized and can be passed around the table freely. And of course, always pair your tapas flavours with wine or drinks that make the flavours sing! 

Rustic Plates

Tapas isn’t about being perfect. Feel free to play with plate sizes, colours and textures whilst keeping in mind that wooden cheeseboards, ramekins and bowls all work just as well. Whatever you have at hand will work, but should you want to present your meal in real Spanish style, go for handmade earthy tones of rich browns and dark red ceramics. And make sure that all your tapas dishes are arranged in each their small bowl or plate to create and array of appetising colours and make it easy for everyone to nipple their way through the entire tapas menu.  

Preparation is easy     

Simplicity is key to the magic of tapas. Be sure you’re ready for an impromptu dinner by always having black olives, peppers, capers, pesto, Castello cheeses and rustic bread at the ready. And should you already have a night of tapas planned, just get the vinaigrette and salsa made the night before meaning there’s one less thing for you to do when the guests have arrived.

Variety is the spice of Tapas

Alternate what you have to offer, from warm grilled dishes to cold ones. And whatever you do, don’t forget the sweet indulgence at the end of the evening.