The ‘Burger Insider’ interview with Adam Richman

Tip #6: Why Blue Cheese on a Burger?

The ‘Burger Insider’ interview with Adam Richman

Everyone loves burgers, but can blue cheese slices take on the other burger cheeses?

Adam Richman: Burgers and beef in general are blue cheese’s best friend! They both have an incredible earthiness that makes them natural partners, and meat and cheese have always gone together to create that really decadent, rich mouth feel. Plus, because blue cheese has such a sharp taste, it's a really great balance to the richness of a burger patty.

Also, many people overdo the toppings and go too far. They add too many things and smother the sandwich to the point where you lose the beef. Because blue cheese has the creaminess you seek in a burger cheese, but with many times the flavor punch of perhaps more traditional cheeses, you don't need to use a lot to get great flavor in every bite.

So delicious. 

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