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Your Picnic Checklist

Not sure what to bring on your next picnic? A perfect picnic with delicious food is the ideal occasion to enjoy the outdoors and soak up the wonderful summer sun. A picnic should be anything but stressful, so make sure that your picnic basket is packed with all the essentials before you set off to your ideal picnic location. It’s all about preparation!

This quick checklist will help you remember all the essentials for a fun and relaxing day outdoors with delicious food and the great company of friends, family or your loved one.


1. Picnic basket or tote - Whether you prefer a picnic basket, tote, bag or a backpack, make sure that it is big enough to transport both food, drinks and tableware. 

2. Cooler ­– On those hot summer days a cooler will keep food and drinks chilled all afternoon.

3. Picnic blanket ­– Get comfy with a picnic blanket that is big enough to sit on and to hold all the contents of your picnic basket. A blanket with a waterproof backing will keep you and your guests dry, and if you do not want to sit on the ground, make sure to bring soft cushions or picnic chairs.

4. Throw blanket ­– If your picnic extends into the evening, a throw blanket will help to keep you comfortable and warm.

5. Plates, glasses & cups – Bring your own plates from home or go for recyclable tableware such as naturally sourced plates from palm leaves, bamboo or recycled materials. 

6. Cutlery and utensils – Unless you only go for easy finger food, make sure to bring both cutlery and the essential utensils for your food and drinks: a cutting knife, can and bottle opener, or corkscrew. 

7. Cutting board – Use the cutting board for both food preparation and for serving. 

8. Salt & pepper – And other condiments in practical packaging are great for those finishing touches to your picnic dishes. 

9. Napkins, paper towels, wet wipes and kitchen towel – Without access to running water, bring towels and wipes to keep clean before, during and after eating. 

10. Trash bags – Use the bags for cleanup and to contain the mess on those dirty dishes and utensils that you are bringing home.

You're good to go! Now all you need is to pack some delicious, homemade picnic food.