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Hosting Tips for your Christmas Party

The holiday season is a time for gathering friends and family for Christmas parties with tasty snacks and drinks. From Christmas decorations to sweet and savoury Christmas recipes – these tips will surely get you and your guests into the Holiday Spirit.

Get into the Holiday Spirit

If you are entertaining guests during the Christmas season, get every inch of your home into the Holiday spirit – it is Christmas after all. Set the mood with Christmas decorations and lots of twinkling lights around the room and on the table – but make sure that your guests can still see the delicious food you have prepared so keep the decorations on the table simple. Go for Christmassy fresh and dried fruit and nuts ­– finger foods that are both decorative and enjoyable for your guests. Add some dried spices like cinnamon sticks and cloves in decorative bowls and the place will quickly smell like Christmas and get everyone in the spirit. With tasty food and hungry guests, they will be flocking to the table, so make sure to place snacks all over the house. Place decorative small platters on the end of tables or in window seats which will allow your guests to mingle and hang out easily. 

Easy and delicious Christmas appetizers and snacks

What better way to get into the Holiday Spirit than with tasty Christmas food and snacks – and lots of it to keep your guests feeling merry. You can obviously go all in with Christmas dishes, but since you’ve made the effort of inviting your loved ones, make sure you spend your time with them instead of in the kitchen. By keeping your Christmas food simple with tasty canapés, appetizers and finger foods with easy cheese boards and those all-important treats or a sweet dessert, you can concentrate on being the host. Naturally cheese makes the perfect partner for your Christmas entertaining with tastes that can delight all your guests – from creamy or intense to sharp flavours. Get inspired by our Castello cheese Christmas recipes here

Holiday Drinks

Once those tasty treats are ready to be put on the table, it’s time to get the drinks out and there are a lot of great drinks to pair with cheeses. Keep it traditional with wine, sparkling wine or beer or go for that Christmas feeling with mulled wine or eggnog. With bottled goodies such as beer and wine, your guests can help themselves but a more fun solution could be a homemade mulled wine, cider or sangria served out of a jug or a punch bowl. Besides your delicious Christmas snacks and appetizers, your Christmas party will have a fantastic smell and the pouring from a punch bowl will be a fun talking point to your holiday party. Get inspiration for which drinks to pair with your cheeses here 

Christmas Party Game Ideas

Holiday parties are a cheerful way to bring everyone together – so make sure to have a few Christmas party games ready to keep your guests entertained. Decorating a gingerbread house or cookies with frosting, icing and toppings or having guests craft their own ornaments out of paper will be a fun way to bring everyone together. If the party is a bit higher spirited a fast-paced game of pass-the-parcel or Christmas karaoke with your all-time favourite Christmas music will surely be a hit. 

Whichever type of Christmas gathering you are planning make sure to have plenty of Christmas food, snack and appetizers ready for your guests.

Happy Holidays.