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Food Waste Tips

Food Waste Tips

Discover some handy tips, tricks and hacks to avoid food waste at home.

Discover some handy tips, tricks and hacks to avoid food waste at home

How to freeze cheese

How to freeze cheese

A guide to freezing and thawing cheese.

How to freeze cheese


Here are a few tips on how much cheese to serve per person depending on the occasion.

Love your leftovers

Love your leftovers

As lovers of cheese, we hate to see any of it go to waste! We’ve gathered a set of inspiring recipes so you can turn your leftover cheese into delightful dishes. Because every bite counts when it comes to reducing food waste.

Love your leftovers
Other cheese tips & tricks
  • Only buy what you need

    By writing a shopping list you tend to stick to the food you need rather than be tempted by what you don't! This is a simple way of avoiding buying food that wasn't planned and then end up going in the bin.

  • Know your dates

    Remember that an 'Expire date' is the last day a product is safe to consume. whereas the 'Best before date' is an indicator for the quality of your food. It tells you that after this date the food is no longer in perfect shape, it might have lost freshness, taste or aroma. But that doesn't necessarily mean the food is no longer safe to eat.

  • The Power Of The Senses

    Use your senses before throwing out a product that has passed 'best before date'. Often by looking, smelling and tasting food, your can get a sense of whether it really needs to head to the bin.

  • Order your fridge

    Simply by placing food that is soon to expire at the front of your fridge, you are more likely to use it up before it gets forgotten about and goes bad.

  • Save your yellow cheese block

    Did you know, if you find a little mould on your yellow cheese you can cut it away and enjoy the rest? Just cut off at least 2.5cm around and below the mouldspot and ensure the knife does not touch the mould part, as it could then contaminate other parts of the cheese.

Did you know?

That's the amount of food waste estimated to have been produced globally in 2019. According to the UNEP FOOD WASTE INDEX REPORT 2021.

c.2,000 TONNES

The amount of Castello cheese that may be being wasted each year at home. This is our challenge and we are on a mission to help you at home never waste a bite of Castello cheese! *Calculated using our internal sales data for pre-packed cheeses and the application of an assumption that c. 15% of food in the home goes on to be wasted.


Of all food waste generated comes from the home, compared to 13% from retailers.

Our Waste Mission

For years our dairies have been continuously working on reducing the amount of cheese that's wasted. From taking daily walks to spot waste issues, to introducing renewable energy to keep the cheeses churning. Discover more here.