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How to throw a cheese tasting

Each cheese is as unique and complex as a fine wine. Here are a few tips for the perfect cheese tasting – follow these and you’ll be sure to experience the differences and exciting nuances of the different cheeses.


1. Before the tasting let the cheeses come to room temperature. (Take mold cheese out of the fridge at least an hour before serving – hard cheeses half an hour before)


2. Arrange the cheeses based on the intensity - you start with the mildest.


3. Explore the cheese. How would you describe the look? (Color, shape, crust etc.)


4. Smell: How would you describe the smell? (Fresh, floral, spicy, etc.)


5. Cut off a piece of cheese.


6. Take a bite and chew it slowly to allow the taste to develop on the tongue.


7. What is the consistency? (Soft, creamy, hard, crisp, etc.)


8. Taste the cheese? (Bitter, salty, sour, sweet, fruity, etc.)


9. How is the aftertaste?


10. Drink water or eat a piece of biscuit before you taste the next cheese.


Have fun at the tasting!