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Castello® Mature Cheddar

Castello® Mature Cheddar


Like a magnificent oak dotted with acorns, this sturdy matured cheddar cheese has its sweet side. But first you have to get past its lemony tartness. Complex, like all the best cheddars, it’s bright and buttery, lively with a hint of caramel. The more you get to know it, the more you’ll find to like. And as its sweetness lingers, so will your desire to try it again. Produced in Devon from the milk of cows grazing on pastures all year round in England’s Devon countryside. And it shows.

Castello® Mature Cheddar


Enhance the flavour of your cheese with food and drink pairings. Choose a favourite and immerse yourself in a new and surprising taste combination.

Sauvignon Blanc
Tomato Jam

Nutritional information

Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, salt, lactic acid culture, rennet (vegetarian)

1618 kj 389 kcal Energy
32 g Fat
20.8 g Saturated fat
0.1 g Carbohydrates
0.1 g Sugar
35.5 g Protein
1.8 g Salt