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Bite Size Lettuce Canapes with Cream Cheese

Bite Size Lettuce Canapes with Cream Cheese

2 servings

A fresh little appetiser - our recipe for bite size canepes with cream cheese is a light way to start off a meal. With the romaine lettuce and crunchy cabbage serving as a crisp accompaniment to the creamy, peppery cheese and fried bacon. This is a dish that’s as strong on textures as it is on flavours. Perfect for a warm day.

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1. Fry the bacon and slice into small pieces.

2. Slice the red cabbage and tomatoes.

3. Divide the romaine lettuce into leaves that can act as your ´taco shells´.

4. Place some cabbage, tomato and around 3 slices of Castello Black Pepper Cream Cheese onto each leaf.

5. Top them off with fried bacon and some fresh parsley.

6. Serve on a plate or a board and enjoy!