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Muffins with Castello® Pineapple and Almond cream cheese filling

Muffins with Castello® Pineapple and Almond cream cheese filling

24 pcs

If you are in the mood for muffins, this is one of the easiest muffin recipes with pineapple cream cheese you can find. You simply add squares of cream cheese in the middle of your batter before baking. You can also vary the flavour by using Danish Blue cream cheese instead of pineapple, or any other flavour for your cream cheese muffins. Muffins are a classic and can be varied in an indefinite number of ways. This muffin with cream cheese recipe is both exotic and delicious with its classic muffin batter and flavourful middle of cream cheese with sweet pineapple.

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1. Beat the eggs and add ½ the milk.

2. Add flour and baking powder and keep whisking until there is no lumps, add the rest of the milk and the butter.

3. Place in an airtight container and leave to rest in the refrigerator for 2 hours. It is very important that the batter is chilled, it is also an option to store in the fridge overnight.

4. Preheat the oven to 225°C (convection oven).

5. Generously grease the mini muffin tins with butter, pour in the chilled batter to the edge of each cup.

6. Place a 1 tsp of Castello's Pineapple and Almond cream cheese ring in the centre of each piece of batter, and bake in the oven right away for 15 minutes.

7. Allow to cool, and enjoy!

Serving Suggestion

Serving Suggestion

You can enjoy your muffin with cream cheese filling straight from the oven, but you can also let it cool and decorate it with frosting and a small slice of fresh pineapple.

Sensory hack tip

Sensory hack tip

You can also give your muffins some crunchiness by making a crumble to put on top of your cream cheese muffins before baking. Follow the muffin cream cheese recipe and make a crumble of flour, sugar, and cold butter to put on top before baking. When it is finished, you will have a crunchy and golden-brown crumble on top of your soft and mushy muffin.


  • How to add cream cheese to muffins?

    Cream cheese is soft, sweet, and slightly tangy, which is why it works so well in muffins. You can turn all muffin recipes into cream cheese muffins if you want more texture and flavour. After putting the batter in your muffin tins, you simply add a small scoop of your favourite cream cheese and bake according to the recipe. You can also substitute some of the butter in your recipe with cream cheese to make it mushier.

  • What size is a mini muffin?

    Muffins come in all shapes and sizes, and a mini muffin is the smallest one. A regular mini muffin is about 51 mm in diameter with room for about 50 ml of muffin batter.

  • Where can I buy pineapple cream cheese?

    You can buy pineapple cream cheese in most of the bigger supermarkets. You will find it in the cooler section with other soft and hard cheeses.