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Omelet with mushrooms and thyme

Omelet with mushrooms and thyme

Cook 15 mins 1 serving

A golden landscape trussed in mixed mushrooms and fresh herbs – our Omelet with Mushrooms and Thyme recipe invites you on a journey of decadent flavours seamed with subtle contrasts. Preparation is effortless, with nuances from mushrooms and smooth cheese developing on their own to create an intriguing merge of flavours.

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  • 4 eggs
  • Castello® Marquis
  • mixed button mushrooms
  • thyme



1. Cook the mushrooms on a very hot pan and then remove them.

2. Turn down to medium heat, whisk 4 eggs and pour in the pan.

3. Add a lid and leave it until the surface is firm.

4. Fold the omelet and top with mushrooms, marquis and fresh thyme.

5. Serve with a glass of tomato juice