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Snack cucumber with Castello® garlic whipped cream cheese

Snack cucumber with Castello® garlic whipped cream cheese

Cook 10 mins 4 portions

Delight your senses with this simple yet sophisticated snack: crispy cucumbers paired with the rich flavour of garlic-infused whipped cream cheese – a perfect fusion of freshness and creamy indulgence.

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1. Cut cucumbers lengthwise and remove the inside.

2. Fill the cucumbers with cream cheese, creating a flavourful filling.

Cucumber with whipped cream cheese – an easy and refreshing snack

Upgrade your snacking with stuffed cucumbers with whipped cream cheese. The garlic-flavoured filling offers a great tang that complements the cucumber freshness beautifully. Its soft and fluffy texture creates a great contrast with the crispy encasing. Enjoy a refreshing cream cheese and cucumber snack as a tasty afternoon or evening snack or use it as an appetiser at festive occasions. On the lookout for more exciting snacks? We suggest a crudité plate with Castello® whipped cream cheeses or a flat bread with grilled cucumber, olives, and Castello® whipped cream cheese dip.

Play with flavours and colours

To add an extra burst of flavour and freshness, garnish the filled cucumbers with your favourite herbs such as sorrel, thyme, and chervil. Sorrel lends a zesty, lemony touch, thyme provides a subtle earthiness, while chervil offers a hint of aniseed. You can also try a different filling, for example, Castello® pepper whipped cream cheese. Consider brightening your cucumber and cream cheese snacks with edible flowers for a visual and flavourful delight. Add peppery nasturtiums in shades of orange, yellow, or red, sprinkle in the citrusy petals of marigolds for a sunny touch, or garnish with purple chive blossoms that lend a subtle onion flavour.

Tips & Tricks

To easily remove the cucumber seeds, use a teaspoon or a melon baller to gently scrape them out, creating a shallow trough. This method ensures a crisp, seedless slice perfect for filling.

  • How to serve snack cucumbers?

    Cucumber cream cheese snacks are best served chilled. Keeping them cool ensures that the cucumbers remain crisp and the filling maintains its creamy, fluffy texture. The chilled temperature also enhances the refreshing taste.

  • What to put on a snack cucumber?

    A generous layer of whipped cream cheese infused with garlic is great for a creamy, tangy twist. The rich filling complements the crispness of the cucumber nicely, creating an easy-to-make, delectable snack. For added depth, add your favourite herbs to the cucumber snack recipe as a flavourful garnish.

  • What flavours go well with whipped cream cheese with garlic?

    Whipped cream cheese with garlic pairs beautifully with various herbs. Consider garnishing with herbs like sorrel, thyme, and chervil. The zesty sorrel, the earthy undertones of thyme, and the aniseed hint from chervil elevate the experience, adding layers of flavour and freshness. Edible flowers can also elevate the flavour and presentation.