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Tomato and chilli chutney

Tomato and chilli chutney

Cook 40 mins 4 servings

Intense flavours in a perfect mix - our recipe for Tomato and chilli chutney brings the heat to your cheese board. This spicy, sweet and savoury chutney is a wonderful combination of flavours with umami from the tomatoes, tartness of lemon juice and of course a lot of heat from the chili. Serve chilled.

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  • 250 g tomatoes (whatever variety is ripest)
  • approx. 100 g sugar
  • 1 chilli (to taste)
  • a 1 pinch of salt
  • lemon juice



1. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and finely chop the chilli.

2. Place both in a saucepan along with approx. 50 ml water. The water is just to keep the tomatoes from sticking to the pan.

3. Bring the mixture to a boil and add the sugar.

4. Boil until the liquid has reduced completely.

5. Give it a whiz with a handheld blender before seasoning to taste with salt and lemon juice.

6. Cool completely before serving.

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Store the jam in scalded jars and in the refrigerator to prolong the shelf life. If you make a large portion, rinse the jars with some sodium benzoate first. This improves their shelf life even more.