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Castello Taste Profile

Food is a wonderful journey of discovery. With countless recipes to taste and experiences to be had, it can also be hard to know what to dive into next. Imagine if there was a way to comb through the mass of food options out there to get to just the right new food experiences for you, based on your specific tastes.


WELCOME TO CASTELLO  We believe that the best pleasure in food comes from discovering something new, and we have set out to collate a selection of surprising and indulging new food experiences just for you.

LET'S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER  It starts with a taste profile. By answering just four simple questions about foods that you like, we’ll create your taste profile. The test is just the starting point. As you like and dislike recipes and products throughout the site, we will continue to refine your taste profile so that it gets smarter.

INTERPRETING YOUR TASTE PROFILE  Your taste profile is a mapping of your preferences on 33 core flavours. Each point on the taste profile is a different flavour. The length of the point shows you how intense your preference for this flavour is: the longer the point, the more you like it.


CURATING FOOD EXPERIENCES FOR YOU  Once you have created your taste profile, we present you with foods and recipes whose flavours are compatible with your taste preferences. You’ll see these marked across the site with a “Best Match” icon. Select what you want to try, and you’re just steps away from a new food experience you will love. Enjoy!