Hunting season: Bring your game to dinner!

Autumn is a fantastic time of year. The leaves change color, exquisite vegetables come in season and the weather changes from sunshine to a unique combination of warm autumn days with light rain to cold and windy days reminding us that winter is coming. 

For many people autumn means walks in the forest and slow cooked food inside when the rain falls. For a smaller group of people the autumn means the beginning of the hunting season. In most European countries the hunting begins in October month, with both the hunting of deer, rabbit and duck starting.

Hunting season and good food go hand in hand and game taste great with seasonal vegetables. You can try this recipe where the strong taste of the fallow deer is matched with mushrooms and the mild blue aroma of the Castello Extra Creamy Danablu.

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Another animal to find after a day of hunting is duck. A wild duck tastes great with apples and figs, which accommodates the great taste of the Castello Creamy Blue. Try this recipe for duck with baked figs and apples – it tastes wonderful, is easy to cook and is perfect for a cold autumn evening - but watch out for shotgun pellets.

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Recipe for duck breast with figs and apple creme

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