Sweet and crisp thyme biscuits

Treat your guests with delicious thyme biscuits with Castello Aged Gouda.

Opskrift på timiankiks med Castello Aged GoudaWe really like cheese and are not afraid to replace cake or ice cream with cheese – we may even squeeze in a cheese serving before the dessert. How you serve cheese is really important for the taste experience. For the stronger cheeses we need a bit of accessories just to nuance and give different taste experiences.

We love the new Castello Aged Gouda. It has everything good cheese needs – a firm consistency and a distinct taste without it being too strong.

For Castello Aged Gouda we recommend thyme biscuits, honey roasted pecans and honey roasted figs. Honey usually goes well with cheese and especially with a hard or semi hard cheese, which is not too sweet. The thyme biscuits add crunch and a little spice while the figs add some softness. We recommend serving the cheese on the bis-cuits with a little pecan and fig on top – we guarantee that the tray is emptied in no time!

Opskrift på timiankiks med Castello Aged Gouda

This article was written by the Danish food bloggers twin-food.dk.


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