Spice up your waffles

In the nordic countries we celebrate waffle day on March 25. The waffle day marks that winter is over and spring is here.

Spice up your waffles

We all know the sweet waffles served with jam, sugar or ice cream. Actually waffles are great in the savory kitchen and you can serve it with a salad or a piece of meat or fish. If you want to make a gluten free version of the waffles you can replace the whole wheat flour with more almond flour.

I use a plain cream cheese and mix in my favorite spices – try with garlic, chili, lemon zest or rosemary. If you got any cream cheese dip leftovers, it’s delicious in a sandwich or as a dip with raw vegetables.

Tip: Serve it with a piece of steamed salmon, and it would make a great lunch dish.


Get the recipe here 

Blogger Ditte Ingemann shares her recipe for waffles with spicy cream cheese

This article was written by Danish blogger and food stylist Ditte Ingemann. She shares her recipes and passion for food on her blog www.thefoodclub.dk.


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