Cheese dog – the new premium hotdog

The cheese dog is an alternative hotdog that will bring joy on every cheese lover’s dinner table.

This cheese dog trumps any other hotdog and is a perfect match for a summer barbecue party. I have played around with the toppings adding new flavors and textures and I am more than happy with the result.

We start from scratch with nice homemade buns with a lovely soft crumb and a fluffy interior. If you don’t have time to bake the buns yourself replace with some premium bought hot dog buns.

Add a Merguez sausage. This beef sausage has its roots in North Africa and adds some spice and bite to the cheese dog. You can of course substitute for another sausage or go all the way and make your own cheese sausages.

Add a little blue cheese dressing, baked cherry tomatoes and onion sprouts. Top off with crispy cheese chips made from baked Castello Aged Havarti.

Get the recipe here


Thomas Alcayaga

Thomas Alcayaga

This article was written by Thomas Alcayaga from the Danish food blog