3 great cheese toppings for your spring salad

Leave winter behind and jump right into spring with 3 great cheese toppings to complete your spring salad.

Savor all the flavors of spring and make a crisp and fresh salad using the all-stars of spring – asparagus, radishes, fresh herbs and new carrots! And with all the freshness from spring veggies why settle for ordinary toppings?

We give you 3 excellent cheese toppings that will maximize flavors and add that little extra…

Spring salad with poached egg, cheddar and croutons

A salad works great as a meal in itself – the trick is just to add some rich and filling toppings to all the fresh garden greens. In this salad we added cheese as a savory touch and croutons for crispiness. And with a poached egg on top you can eliminate any dressing at all.


Whipped Creamy White with roasted buckwheat and veggies

A whipped Creamy White dip is the perfect topping for your salad – you can also use it as a snack on the garden table while waiting for the grill to get hot or perhaps as a fresh addition on the cheese board. If you want a bolder flavor profile use a blue cheese as base!


Grilled carrots with Danablu

Sometime simple is best! Grilled carrots, crumbled Danablu and a sharp vinaigrette is the awesome trio in this beautiful spring salad.