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Castello Danablu Blue Cheese Crumbles 4oz


Castello Crumbled Blue Cheese features the sharp, tangy, blue-veined flavor and texture that blue cheeses are known for. It has a soft and elegant bitterness with marzipan notes that complement its sourdough-like sourness. Conveniently crumbled, the cheese is ready to be thrown into salads, sandwiches or to enjoy as a savory snack.

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  • Tasting notes
    • Nutty
    • Salty
    • Sharp
    • Hints of marzipan
    • Slight hints of mushrooms and creamy tones of browned butter
  • Texture
    • Characteristic blue veins
    • Creamy
    • Crumbly
  • Strength
    6 out of 6. Intense.

    Castello Crumbled Blue Cheese features a fine nutty, blue mold aroma with hints of marzipan and the soft bitterness of sourdough.
  • How it's made
    • Creatively crafted in Denmark with fresh cow's milk and cream following traditional Danish Blue cheesemaking methods
    • Cheese curds are made following traditional methods
    • Its salt concentration ensures that the surface of the cheese remains white after the mold ripens
    • Inspected for quality before being crumbled and packaged
  • How to use
    • As an ingredient or topping in a dish
    • As a topping for salads
    • An everyday snack
    • Try it in one of our recipes!
  • Goes well with
    Enhance the flavour of your cheese with food and drink pairings. Choose a favourite and immerse yourself in a new and surprising taste combination.
    Late harvest wine
    Late harvest wine
    Red Onion
    Red Onion
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  • Did you know
    • Castello Blue Cheese is made following traditional cheesemaking methods.
    • Its unique attributes have resulted in the cheese receiving the official distinction of the EU protected geographical indication (PGI) status, which is only awarded to cheeses produced in Denmark in line with all specific production techniques, ensuring authenticity and high-quality when compared to other products in the market.
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Nutritional information per 100g

Ingredients: Milk, Salt, Lactic acid culture, Mould culture, Lipase, Calcium Chloride

1415 kj
341 kcal
29 g Fat
18 g Saturated fat
<0.5 g Carbohydrates
<0.5 g Sugar
20 g Protein
3.3 g Salt