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Castello® Intense Blue Cheese 150g


Feed your senses with a fresh, sharp aroma with a hint of sweet floral notes. In our iconic half-moon shape, Castello Intense Blue Cheese has a rich and piquant flavour with a sweet and dry taste due to the sheep milk added to its recipe. Indulge in its creamy and spreadable texture. AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND.

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  • Tasting notes
    • Piquant
    • Sweet floral notes
    • Aromatic
    • Mellow sharpness
  • Texture
    • Really soft
    • Creamy with a lovely smoothness
    • Melts in your mouth
    • Somewhat spreadable consistency

    This Intense Blue Cheese is easy to spread on a cracker once it stays out in room temperature for a while, but can also be cut into wedges.
  • Strength
    5 out of 6. Strong.

    It is called Intense Blue Cheese for a very good reason. It is bold and its distinct and pleasant flavour will not go unnoticed.
  • How its made
    • Creatively crafted in Denmark from fresh cow's and sheep's milk
    • Cheese curds are made according to traditional methods in large open vats
    • The cultures are added by hand
    • Each cheese is pierced in a unique star pattern to give a perfect distribution of blue mould
    • The cheese is also cut by hand when the cheesemaker decides it has reached the right state of firmness
    • Each batch is inspected for quality before going into a pack

    The initial steps of production are similar to those of Castello Creamy Blue, using the same pasteurization process. However, part of the cream is homogenized and sheep's milk is added for that unique flavour profile of Intense Blue.
  • How to use
    • Slice it and enjoy it on top of bread or crackers
    • Pick a pairing and enjoy as an indulgent dessert with your drink
    • Serve on a cheese board as an appetiser, a snack or a dessert
    • Elevate the flavour of your pizza, soup or salad
    • Try it in one of our recipes!

    The delicious flavour of Castello Intense Blue Cheese works very well on its own. When you combine the creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture with other foods, your taste buds get to enjoy an even more sensorial experience.
  • pairings
    Enhance the flavour of your cheese with food and drink pairings. Choose a favourite and immerse yourself in a new and surprising taste combination.
    Late Harvest White Wine
    Late Harvest White Wine
    Peach Marmalade
    Peach Marmalade
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  • Did you know
    • First made in Denmark in 2006
    • Our skilled cheesemakers mixed both cow's and sheep's milk to make this flavour sensation come to life!
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Nutritional information per 100g

Ingredients: Milk, Ewes milk, Salt, Lactic acid culture, Rennet (microbial), Blue mould culture, Maturing culture. Allergens: Milk

1386 kj
335 kcal
29 g Fat
19 g Saturated fat
0.5 g Carbohydrates
0.5 g Sugar
17 g Protein
2 g Sodium