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Pizza Night Recipes

Pizza has always been a crowd pleaser, and there’s so much more to pizza than the classic Italian pizzas. We’ve explored taste, toppings and texture and found a great selection that fit just about any palate or occasion.

Our pizza recipes are a mix of classics with a twist, exciting local variations and fun and casual snacks. What makes a pizza great is in the eye of the beholder. Some say the crust is the most important thing, while others claim it’s the cheese or sauce. Some even go without cheese or sauce when they make their favourites, while these gluten free days have even shown us pizzas without the bread base. 

We won’t get into the discussion of where pizza ends, and other dishes begin, but we will agree that cooking pizza is all about maximizing textures and flavours from a few simple ingredients. This is what makes pizza so magical, and that is what these recipes are all about.

Challenge some classic flavour combinations by adding a twist. Cook your garlic prawn pizza on a charcoal grill and enjoy the smoky notes. Add cheddar and thin slices of broccoli to your chicken and pesto pizza for new subtle flavour combinations or challenge your palate with our summer pizza with brie, bresaola and peach.

Try local variations of pizza with our simple French fougasse or rolled up American Stromboli-style pizzas.  Or have fun with our star shaped finger food pizza packed with rich flavours and textures. Maybe it’s even time to rock the very foundation of pizza with a carrot- or cauliflower crust. 

All our recipes, no matter the direction you want to take with your pizza in, are great for guests and manageable for busy weeknights. Pizza at its very core. 


Tips & Tricks for Pizza Night

Looking for new ingredients to try on your pizza? Discover the world of exciting cheeses, meats and other toppings, that make pizza a beloved favourite all over the world.

Best Cheese For Pizza

Best Cheese For Pizza

Your guide to pizza toppings

Your guide to pizza toppings