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Baked Extra Creamy Brie with rosemary

Baked Extra Creamy Brie with rosemary

1 serving

Enchantingly aromatic, our recipe for Baked Creamy White with Rosemary displays simple ingredients bursting in flavour. Aromatic hints of garlic and rosemary provid vidi nuances, which the creamy center of the cheese absorbs. Can be ejoyed as a starter or dessert.

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Optional accompaniments

  • rosemary biscottis
  • coarse grain mustard
  • grapes



Place the Castello Extra Creamy Brie in an ovenproof dish. Line the dish with baking parchment if you like.

With a sharp knife make small incisions in the top and fill them with little sprigs of rosemary or thin slices of garlic. This will give the cheese extra flavour as it cooks. You can also try adding other herbs or even thin slices of truffle.

Bake the cheese for 15 minutes at 180°C. Serve immediately with biscuits, mustard and fresh grapes.