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Brie and crumbled Blue Cheese summer picnic

Brie and crumbled Blue Cheese summer picnic

A flexible entrée or snack between courses – our soft white cheese and crumbled blue cheese summer picnic recipe offers wrapped goodies in a foray of contrasting flavours and textures. Beneath crumbled blue cheese, earthy nuances drawn from white cheese mingle with an ensemble of fresh greens and serrano in this tapas-like dish.

15 min 2 servings
Salty Vegetable


  • Castello® Extra Creamy Brie
  • Castello® Traditional Danish Blue
  • 100 g parma ham
  • 1 bunch green asparagus
  • 100 g fresh peas


Serve chunks of soft, Castello Extra Creamy Brie, wrapped in Serrano ham with sharp, nutty Castello Traditional Danish Blue sprinkled over asparagus spears.

Top with fresh garden peas, straight from the pod.