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Power Bowl with Tickler Mature Cheddar

Power Bowl with Tickler Mature Cheddar

Cook 20 min 2 servings

A sure-fire way to jumpstart your day or evening – our Power bowl recipe does right by its name. Packed with sharp cheddar, vegetables, nuts and white beans the flavours are made up of mellow contrasts that slowly cover your palate in a soothing rush. A perfect alternative to salads or as a main course.

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On the side:

  • paleo bread


Rinse the beans thoroughly in cold water. Cut the avocado into two halves and place them in two bowls. Dice the Castello Tickler Mature Cheddar cheese and add to the bowls. Sprinkle the avocados with sesame seeds. Now add the baby spinach and almonds to the bowls, sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with tomato pesto.