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Bruschetta with figs, sage and Extra Creamy Brie

Bruschetta with figs, sage and Extra Creamy Brie

Cook 15 min 1 serving

Our recipe for Bruschetta with figs, sage and soft white cheese is an earthy twist on an Italian classic. Resting atop an ensemble of thinly slices bread, garden-fresh figs and wedges of soft white cheese are drizzled in olive oil for a perfect finish.

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Thinly slice a fig and place on the bread. Top with a thin slice of Extra Creamy Brie. You can either serve as is or grill the bruschetta in the oven first until the cheese melts. Finish with fresh sage, freshly ground pepper and a couple drops of olive oil.

To get the best result, use day-old bread in thin slices and then either toast them, fry them in oil or pop them on the grill. If you love garlic, rub the toasted bread with a clove of garlic. A couple of rubs is enough to get some garlicky flavour without it being too overpowering.