Castello® Cream Cheese with Black Pepper Cream cheese

Castello® Cream Cheese with Black Pepper

Aroma of crushed black pepper with slight milky acidity and grassy notes. Taste domi- nated by black pepper, with weak notes of cream.

Castello with pepper is a soft cheese with a powerful spicy taste. It's consistency is creamy and soft. The cheese is shaped as a ring and decorated with a carefully selected pepper mix. The cheese is perfect at the end of a hearty meal on a cracker or piece of rye bread. It goes incredibly well with sweet wines, with dark ale or a Trappist-style beer. 

Nutritional Information

Character Cream cheese


Castello Cream Cheese with Black Pepper can be used to spice up ravioli or canneloni fillings. The cheese also pairs well with powerful contrasting tastes such as spicy condiments, raw onions or chilli salsa.
  • Pasta
  • Vegetables

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Nutritional Information

  • 303kcal
  • 28g Fat
  • 17g Saturated Fat
  • 4.7g Carbohydrates
  • 2.0g Sugars
  • 8.6g Proteins
  • 0.68g Salt