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The days are colder, the nights are longer - what better excuse do we need to share a cosy night in with friends or family over a delicious dinner. Get the tastebuds tingling and the conversation flowing with our selection of recipes. No need to spend hours preparing: they’re quick to get ready and guaranteed to bring a touch of easy luxury to the evening.

Cheddar with duck rillettes, sour and sweet

Rich, tender duck combines with bright, buttery cheddar finished off with a surprisingly lush, tangy accompaniment.

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Creamy White with hummus and parma ham

Thick velvety cheese, seductively salty ham and creamy crunchy hummus: what’s not to like?

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Creamy Blue with blackcurrant jam, pumpkin seeds, fresh pear and bresaola

Prepare to be surprised by this mix of textures, flavours and finishes. Fruity, crunchy, salt and sweet, all on one plate.

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